I’ll take it BLK

I started drinking black coffee long before I knew about high quality premium coffee that you can find today. It was Foldgers and Coffee Mate and table sugar. I was still in college and just didn't want to go the market and spend what little pocket money I had on the sugar and creamer that had just run out. To save money I just stopped adding creamer and sugar and never went back.


Packing the first bags of BLKcity coffee

April 10, 2019

Years later, I was introduced to light roasted coffee. Subconsciously, I thought, "What is this light stuff? 'Gimme the dark strong stuff! I can take it!" Despite not loving it at first, I continued to drink it because I never, ever let fresh coffee to go waste. The next month I had gone back to my dark roast coffee and noticed that my mind and my tastes had evolved. I mentally yearned for the brightness, the complexity and the clean mouthfeel of that first light roast. I secretly held this in and reluctantly converted to a light roast coffee lover. I didn't know what to do with this conflict in me. I accepted that I was just weird, and moved on.

Fast forward to now, I see that attitude I had about light roast coffee and so much more misinformation about coffee was an easy pit to fall into because, there’s so much misinformation about coffee out there due to great marketing. What did Gary Vaynerchuck say?

“Marketers ruin everything”. It’s okay, as marketers ourselves I understand this. But now really good coffee is accessible, the knowledge to and correct info is right here. Now you really know what and where coffee comes from and perhaps learn to appreciate it. Perhaps learn some sense of awareness as you buy, drink and enjoy coffee.

This is what BLKCITY coffee is for me. Awakening my friends and loved ones to something delicious in its purest state.

Appreciated for the incredible art and work that goes into every cup. Every time I brew coffee for myself in the morning, it's a quiet meditation where I give thanks for the farmer, the miles it's traveled, the roaster, and the clean water I have access to everyday in order to part take in something special day after day.

-Meg Le Vu, Founder

BLKCITY coffee focuses on light roasts from high quality coffee sourced from regions that accentuate the complexity and fruitiness of the bean. To really get what you pay for; learn more about our coffee online for the best way to buy, store, brew and enjoy your coffee.

Freshly roasted in Chino, CA.

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