Getting Started with your Hottop 2K + roaster

Other things:

Personal computer to install Artisan

Somewhere you have good ventilation for the smoke

Notepad + pen for notes, I recommend legal pads

A Scale to measure out green beans

Moveable lamp to see the beans


Hottop 2K+

Small stainless steel bowl

Large Stainless steel bowl

Colander to remove chaff

Coffee Scoop

Gusted Bags (one way valve bags)

The exact Artisan roast profile from the video above. Please compare your own results here.

The exact Artisan roast profile from the video above. Please compare your own results here.

  1. Download Artisan under the Assets: for your personal computer.

  2. Be sure to install the correct drivers if the first install doesn’t work.

  3. Select Hottop

  4. Right click clock, “super on”

  5. Click Control, machine should turn on

  6. Click On, Turn Burner to 100 await your preferred charge temp: 375F - 400F

  7. Measure out 140g of Raw Green Bean, get ready to charge

  8. When you reach charge temp, eg. 380F, turn fan to 20, Press Start, Turn Burner to 0 and put the funnel in the charge port and click “charge”

  9. Charge your beans and put the funnel away and put the cover back.

  10. After 1 minute, turn Burner back up to 100

  11. Document your Turning point.

  12. Monitor your beans in the window and at around 3 minutes lower Burner to 90

  13. Around 4 minutes you should be approaching Yellow or Dry End. Lower Burner to 80

  14. As you approach 5 minutes, you should be approaching Yellow, no green present in the beans.

  15. Call you Dry End, DE and record the time. Click DE

  16. At DE, up air to 50, Burner to 70

  17. Ride this until 6 minutes and lower Burner to 60. If you notice condensation in the bean window, increase air by 10.

  18. Around 340F the beans start to radiate it’s own heat. Just be aware of this.

  19. Approaching 8 minutes should be First Crack, FC which is usually around 358F

  20. Listen for 3 consecutive “pop, pop, pops” and call that First Crack. Record the time of FC, Click FC

  21. At First Crack, max out air at 100 and lower Burner to 50

  22. Hear the sound of a rolling First Crack for a minute

  23. You may lower or stay at this temp to your preference.

  24. After FC time 1 minute after that for light roasts, 2.5 minutes for medium roasts, longer for darker roasts. Monitor the beans color to your preference.

  25. Click Drop when you are satisfied with the doneness of the roast.

  26. Let the beans cool around 3-4 minutes.

  27. Click Cool End, Control, and Off. Wait for the stirrer to stop and remove the tray of beans and colander get rid of the chaff.

  28. Empty the chaff collection tray every time after each roast.

If roasting back to back

  1. If roasting back to back, click Reset and you can choose to save your data.

  2. Click Control and the fan will still be on.

  3. Click On and Turn the fan down to 0, Turn the stirrer off, and close the door. Then turn the Burner to 100 and monitor the Environmental temperature until you reach your desired Charge temp and repeats steps above.

Happy roasting!

Clean your roaster more often if you’re doing darker roasts. But every 5 times is recommended.

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