Hottop 2K+ with Artisan Review after 3 Months

Early 2019 we bought this home roaster with the goal to gift clients some coffee and start a new passion project.

Bought the roaster here:

One way valve bags 4oz


Artisan Software

Green beans

Other tools I use (weren’t all mentioned in the video):

1 wooden chopstick

phillips screwdriver

desk lamp



white gel pens (for labels)

photoshop (for designing)

Cordless hand vacuum (Dyson)

digital scale (to measure out beans)

Helpful links and resources

Napo Baristas video on how he roasts

How to clean the Hottop (clean after every 5 uses, maybe every 2-3 if doing dark roasting)

Sweet Marias guide

Found this cool walkthough guide for roast profiles (after I made this video) check it out:

Meg Le Vu