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1000 Hands (Ethiopia, Yirgacheffee) Roast Walkthrough

1000 Hands (Ethiopia, Yirgacheffee) Roast Walkthrough - BLK CITY COFFEE

1000 Hands named after the 1000 small farms that contribute to this particular green buy from Hacea Coffee Source. 

Since March 2022, I found that this coffee will quickly loose its delicate blueberry notes if I develop it past 10% in the last phase. For me, the trick is to have the phases fall within these parameters: Doesn't have to be on the dot but close-ish 

1st phase: ~4:42

2nd phase: ~8:15

3rd phase: ~9:03, 382F - 385F with weight loss of: high 11% to 12% 

All with a relatively fresh green source.  

Be aware, these walkthroughs are solely based on my experience alone. I can't reproduce this for you on a different machine, situation, handicaps, etc. but I do intend and hope that this example can give you a starting point, a clue or even a radical way of roasting the same green in a different way. It's all about learning and sharing what we taste in the cup!

Roaster: Mill City Roaster 1kg

Batch: 1000g

~at least the second roast of the day

360F Charge at full power

See graph for other temps and times:


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