Coffee gives me problems, how can I enjoy coffee? Help!

In this good friend sent me this article: Great idea for content and to explore personally.

Let's discuss. I don't cover EVERYTHING having to do with acidity and pH levels and stuff, but here's a bunch of great resources to get you started if you're interested or need it:

a quick Cold Brew recipe: Acidity in coffee:

$$$hit Coffee: - this is a scam. Don’t buy this please. Even if it’s true that coffee becomes less acidic, most of this Kopi Luwak coffee is fake and done with no care for the animals. Not worth the price. Just a tourist gimmick. They should be ashamed.

Decaf coffee:

3 reasons why coffee upsets your stomach:

Caffeine sensitive:

Acidity in coffee:

Benefits of coffee:

Coffee on an empty stomach:

Too much coffee:

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