How I AeroPress my Coffee

Bar none, I prefer the AeroPress brewer over anything else if I'm serving myself coffee on a daily basis. 

Yes, the pour-over is great, I do that sometimes. Yet, this plastic brewer wins over and over and is simply my daily driver of coffee. I love that its function over fancy. 

Here's a breakdown on why it's my favorite brewer: 


  • A clean-tasting cup of coffee
  • I can't screw up the brew, consistent cup (if I miss a beat or I'm tired in the morning) 
  • Clean up is very easy
  • Wastes less paper
  • Can't break it
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable, a great gift
  • Easy to learn and pass on


  • Not meant for serving alot of people at once 
  • Isn't as pretty...( hear this alot...umm are you brewing coffee for likes?)

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