Light Roasted Honey Nicaragua Whole Bean Coffee

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Roasted whole bean coffee. This single-origin coffee is from Nicaragua of the Matagalpa region. This cup is sweet like berries and dark chocolate. The process is honey which means they leave the fruity mucilage layer instead of washing or husking it away. Typical honey coffees are juicier since they have that sweeter layer surrounding the bean upon processing. 

As always, enjoy blk to taste all the nuance this coffee has to offer.  

Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Departamento de Matagalpa

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude Low: 850

Altitude High: 1110

Process: Honey


Tastes like Dark Chocolate, Honey, Black Currant, BlackBerry, Sweet Almond Aftertaste

Good For: Pour-over, drip, cold brew

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