Welcome to micro batch roasting! Here at Blkcity coffee, we concentrate on light-roasted to medium-roasted coffees. Most of the time, we have single origin coffees and from time to time, we'll experiment with some cool blends. Watch out for those as they are totally unique and usually one-off creations. 

Meg Le Vu roasts everything 1kg at a time. We roast on the super powerful Mill City 1 kilogram double walled drum roaster powered by propane. It's name is Nugget. 

Our roasting schedule is typically once every two weeks. Coffee orders are speedily shipped 6 days out of the week. 

All coffee is made to order and kept fresh for your consumption via the one-way valved bags we pack your coffee in. 

Meg loves to share her love for the blkcity coffee lifestyle on her YouTube Channel, be sure to subscribe there for regular content.