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I roast specialty whole bean coffee as a hobbyist. 

My 1kg gas-powered, double-walled, drum roaster: MCR-1 

Our coffee's are currently source all green coffee from Hacea Coffee Source.

My Approach to Roasting: 

There is a commonly accepted roast theory and terms. It’s a valid place to start. However, there is room for your additions and interpretations. And it helps to be reminded of that when we want to be perfect and feel bad when we fail.


Because we all roast in different situations, use different roasters, use different probes, have more or less bells and whistles, have access to more less higher quality green coffee, and or have more or no experience in roasting for different purpose (to name a few). Because unless in a commercial business setting. Eg. Working as a roaster operator under one company who has an established profile and market expectations. Or other special established roaster profile expectations. As a home roaster or even a brand new coffee roaster learning to roast, the slate for style, expectation and method is yet to be established for you. Therefore, there is a space for your interpretation.

In general, if aiming to satisfy the common goals of: make profit, connect with customers, implement flavor modulation upon your roasts, etc.; I believe we all end up making similar decisions at the roaster anyway.

The issue I observed in myself was just that my goals were misaligned because I had no experience yet. I had developed this weird dogma about the method wihtout experience. And that’s ok.

It might be helpful to others to know that without experience, you will start at an understanding that isn’t fully encompassing. So copying is OK, but attachment maybe isn’t.

The point of all this to simply say; start wherever you are today. Your goals will change, your understanding will change, and that’s ok.

In time, you’ll come to develop your own philosophy that suits what you need. Just keep roasting and learning.


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