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Be curious

Let's discover something you'll love. 

If you like coffees that are a little darker profile, love to add milk (white coffees), love chocolate notes...

If you like lighter roasts, juicy fruit notes, more nuance of flavor...


Hi, I'm Meg your micro coffee roaster. Welcome to the home of Blk City Coffee. Here you'll find all of my latest creations. 

meg le vu

I test all of the blends I create and cup(taste) my roasts all the time to make sure everything tastes right. 


Will you taste what I put on the label?


For one thing, taste is subjective, but you will notice, "hey this coffee is lighter, more tart, more tingly in my mouth versus this more heavier chocolatey one." 

So rest assured, you don't need to be a coffee snob to drink this coffee. Nothing on the menu is too one way or the other. I too like balance, but love little accents of flavor that peeks my curiosity. 

Next, I operate with a certain set of tools which allows me to present my coffee in this way. For example our coffee grinders may not be the same. This means, our extraction may differ, which means what we taste will differ. 

Water is another factor. I use reverse osmosis filtered water with added minerals to get it just right (SCA approved).

Do you really need fancy water? Maybe. If you're curious, you can get those pre-made mineral packets and see if you actually prefer it. 

The roaster 'Nugget'

I roast all production roasts on a 1kg Mill City Roaster (not sponsored) and I manually roast every batch.

blk city coffee roasters 1kg roaster nugget mcr 


If you're still puzzled, feel free to reach out on my IG @blkcitycoffee to ask a question and I will definitely get back to you. 


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