Buena Onda Blend - A Donut Life Museum Collaboration

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*July 14, 2020 COVID-19 update: This coffee was originally supposed to be only sold at The Donut Life Museum in Westminster Mall. With the recent closure, our friends at Donut Life Museum were gracious enough to let us sell the 12oz bags this special blend online! Enjoy! 

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What makes this coffee special? 

It’s specialty coffee: which means it comes from a farm where each coffee cherry is picked and sorted by hand and graded 80 pts and above. 

What’s this valve? 

When coffee is roasted, it needs to expel CO2 gas but not be exposed to oxygen. This valve helps keep your coffee fresh until you brew it. 

Why this collaboration?

We love supporting local businesses and what donut life museum is all about. Enjoying and documenting life with donuts! 

What does "Buena Onda" mean?

I developed this blend with amazing beans from the South American hemisphere. As an homage to its origins, Buena Onda is a common phrase meaning “good vibes”