Happy Camper Blend - Extra Limited

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Roasted whole bean coffee. This pre-roast blend is a joyful delight with a solid mix of brightness and body. I intended to create a pre-blend roast at the full city level at a low and slow rate. The El Salvador is natural and the Nicaragua is honey processed, so I thought they'd go together well. Turns out they compliment each other for a blend that not too bright and not too sweet. A happy camper :)

As always, enjoy blk to taste all the nuance this coffee has to offer. 

Roast Date: July 9, 2020

Roast Level: Full City

El Salvador and Nicaragua

Varietal: varied

Altitude High: 850-1300

Process: Natural/ Honey

Tastes like: Cherry, dark chocolate, gram cracker medium body juicy

Good For: Espresso, drip and cold brew