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Ecuador, Pinchincha - Light

This is a single-origin coffee. That means it comes from one country only. As opposed to blends t...

This is a single-origin coffee. That means it comes from one country only. As opposed to blends that can be Guatemala and Ethiopia for example. 

This Ecuadorian coffee comes from the Pichincha region. It sits right on the equator (duh) meaning it's right smack in the middle of the "coffee belt" where environmental conditions are almost perfect for the best-tasting coffees. The further you are from the equator, you're less likely to develop the kind of sought-after flavors coffee nerds go gah-gah over. 

I source this from Siempre Verde Farms, a super new farmer on the scene of specialty coffee and they really do have something special to keep developing. My contact's name is Martin, and everything is done over email. They work with another big importer, Caravela Coffee to bring it into the mid-west and I get some shipped to me in California. 

When I first cupped this, I immediately got that wine-like quality I remember from coffees from Panama... This is because of this new process called Anaerobic Washed Process. 

They ferment the coffee cherries in an air-tight drum for a number of hours, then remove the cherries and wash them in water. What's left is a really pretty green coffee that packs a lot of interesting nuance and exciting flavors. 

I really hope you try this once. I'd say this coffee is the most exciting coffee on my menu. I'm very honored to carry it and roast it for you. If you've seen this before, I've lightened up the roast profile that I believe is the best way to present it to you. 

Here's what I got in the cup: 

  • Ripe Strawberry, a pinot wine-like qualities, earl grey

This is great for pour-over brew styles. 

Weight: 12oz 

Heat-sealed in a one-way valved bag. 

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