"Honor the Cup" Mug

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  • Honor the Cup - with this ceramic mug
  • Holds about 11oz 
  • Perfect for Aeropress
  • 10% of proceeds are donated to Grounds for Health

"Honor the Cup" is an ode to all hands that go into creating that one cup of coffee you have in the morning. We designed this mug to remind you to honor the incredible journey and work that had to happen.

So many of the processors are women and most of them can't afford decent health care. To anyone who may honor the cup as we do, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Grounds for Health which focuses on providing cancer screenings, and treatment and education for women who work in the coffee industries of Latin America and Africa. 

Every time I brew coffee for myself, I always like to think of everyone I'm grateful for. Friends, family, and the producers of this coffee I'm about to receive.