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Meg Le Vu's Quick Guide to Coffee

Meg Le Vu's Quick Guide to Coffee - BLK CITY COFFEE

If you're new here, or even new to specialty coffee in general. I've created this guide to help those who may not know which coffee to try. 

There is a chain of events that happen in order for you to drink coffee. One of those events is roasting. That's what I do. 

I source if not all my raw coffee from Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders located locally to us and roast them according to the profiles I've developed for light, medium and dark. 

You can order our 12oz coffee bags just like anywhere else, except we're online only at the moment. Once you place an order, I roast it, bag it and ship it within as little time as possible. Accounting for the shipping time, the coffee should get to you in the USA fairly quickly and super fresh. 

If you like Chocolate notes, caramels and like to put creamer and sugar in your coffee (other NOT drinking it black) I'd say to go with: 

If you like more nuance and delicate flavors, I'd say go with: 

Even if you are a creamer and sugar person, I'd say always TRY the coffee black first. Otherwise you'll never really able to tell the difference. 

We sell whole bean coffee at the moment, which means you'll need to grind it at home or some other way. If you want better coffee for yourself; the grinder is the first thing to upgrade. 



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Thank you v much for all videos,me and my son (he is 10 y) foolowing y videos from Oslo-Norway.
And we liked to learn more even i travel to you there😅
Thank you again

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